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Long Link RoRo Lashing Chain with C Hook

Item No: 7014-03
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    ro ro lashing chain with hook each end.

One Way Lashing Buckle

Item No: 7025
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    or oneway securing cargo and goods in containers as well as securing cargo on pallets, trucks etc.

Ratchet Tie Down(Cargo Lashing Strap)

Item No: RTDxx
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    Meet the Standard Of EN12195-2 and Astm B30.90,100% High Tenacity Polyester of Lashing Strap, Low Elongation In Popular Colors, Used to Secure A Load to A Flatbed Trailer, Truck or Moving Van.

Dee-Dee ( DD ) Turnbuckle Hamburger Type

Item No: 7013
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    Made From Mild Steel, Finished With Welded And Selfcolor, Using For Tightening Cargoes In Transportation. For tensioning of wire ropes on ships.

Screw pin Anchor Shackle Drop Forged

Item No: 7027
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    Screw pin bow type, meet the standard of US FED SPEC RRC-271D, Made From High Quality, Hot Dip Galvanized Steel, Great For Use In High Load, Anchor Chain Applications.

Lashing Hook C Type with Split Pin (bolt)

Item No: 7005
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    Forged Alloy steel in Grade80, Powder Coated or painted or Customized, under Test Cert. Material Cert. Used For Griping A Product From One Place to Another As A Container Lashing Equipment

Tensioner Lever Binder

Item No: 7002
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    Frequently Used In The Offshore Oil Industry To Secure Loads On Trucks At The Dock And To Secure Material On The Back Deck Of A Vessel Heading Out To A Platform Or Rig.

Lashing Chain Grade 80 Long Link

Item No: 7001
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    Long links chain Grade 80, Alloy steel, high tensile with heat treated. Suitable For Heavy Application To Protecting Goods During Transportation For Direct Lashing Down Of Machines, Crawlers Or Loader
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